English 9 Lesson 60, Favorite Parts Of The Book

    This English essay will be on my favorite parts from the book, Autobiography of Booker T. Washington, so far.     One of my favorite parts on the book so far is when Booker decided to start Tuskegee Institute. I think it was really cool for someone to start up a college for former slaves who wanted […]

English 9 Lesson 55, No More Slaves

    This English essay will be on Booker T. Washington’s arguments against slavery.     Booker T. Washington grew up on a slave plantation growing cotton and raising farm animals. When the slaves were freed he was very happy, at first. Since the slaves were freed, that meant they were going to have to get other jobs, buy […]

Business 1 Lesson 50, 20/80

    This Business essay will be on the 20% of the book 16X by Richard Koch influenced me the most.     The book talks about how you can get 16 times more results from what you are doing without using any more time and energy than you already do. They start out by saying that you only […]

English 9 Lesson 50, Life Changing Literature

    This English essay will be on a piece of literature changed my life, and how.     The piece of literature that has changed my life is pretty well known. I mean, it’s been around for quite a while so it probably should be. It’s the Bible. The reason I chose this one is because all the […]

English 9 Lesson 45, Helen Keller Was Freed

    This English essay will be on how Helen Keller escaped her ‘prison’.     Helen Keller was a woman who lived from the late 1800’s to the early 1900’s. She was deaf and blind for most her life due to an illness she was only 19 months old. At age ten she started being taught by Anne […]